Team Task Management

Improved accountability at all levels of your operation

Getting tasks completed has never been easier

Get ready to get things done

In under 5 minutes a day, you and your team can keep track and up-to-date with all the little (and big) things in your business.

  • Easy-To-Use
  • Improved Communication
  • Increased Accountability
  • Team Collaboration

Task Entry in Just Seconds

Your Team Can and Will Use It

If it’s not easy-to-use, your team won’t use it. Creating tasks takes the same amount of time as sending a text or email with the added benefit of indelible history and accountability.

Email/Text Communication

Communicate Your Way

Owl Ops communicates how you want to be communicated with. You can receive (and reply!!) using SMS/email; keeping the right people in the loop and getting things solved faster than ever before.

Accountability – Up & Down

Know Who’s Responsible

Things don’t get done unless someone is assigned to it. With Owl Ops, a task is created, assigned, communicated, and stays on that person’s task list until it’s completed; no more slipping through the cracks.

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