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v3.4.0 Release Updates

January 11, 2023

1. Task List Export to Excel

2. Adding Images / Videos when Closing Tasks and Adding Notes from Homescreen

  • Added the ability for users to add Images / Documents / Videos from the homescreen when entering notes or closing tasks

3. Add Asset from Bulk Editor 

  • Fixed app crash bug that was not allowing users to add new assets from Bulk Editor

Other Enhancements

  • [IMPROVEMENT] - Added functionality for Inventory items to auto-populate if selected in task creation
  • [IMPROVEMENT] - Enabled restriction so that administrators can enable/disable technicians from being able to edit their timesheets. 
  • [BUG] - Fixed app bug that was duplicating file names when multiple images are added to a task
  • [BUG] - Fixed app bug so that Invoice Costs are being properly added to Task History