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v3.2.0 Release Updates

September 27, 2022

1. Checklist Notifications - Team/ User Subscription

  • Added the ability for administrators to add 'Teams' or 'Users' to receive notifications when checklists are completed

2. Checklist Follow-Up Tasks

  • Added a new tab to display any follow-up tasks that were created from a checklist.

3. Checklist Email Enhancements 

  • Added a recipient list on checklist emails so that all users are able to see who the checklist results are being "Received By:"
  • Added Follow-Up Tasks to checklist emails

4. Checklist "Warning" of Existing Open Tasks

  • Added a warning prompt that shows when an existing task is already open for that particular checklist line item for that restaurant. The warning prompt will remain on future checklists until the task is closed. 

Other Enhancements

  • [GAP] - Removed "Other" option on Asset selection
  • [GAP] - Added {TaskPriority} as an option on Email Subject Lines
  • [GAP] - Restricted the ability to add duplicate vendor accounts
  • [GAP] - Department / Category Option to Exclude from Reports
  • [IMPROVEMENT] - Added ability to import checklists in bulk. Contact support@owlops.com to do this. 
  • [IMPROVEMENT] - Improved the UI on Checklist Entry for mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • [IMPROVEMENT] - Improved UX on Checklist Details screen (previewing images, maximizing screen,  improved scrolling)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] - Improved checklist "Preview" display
  • [IMPROVEMENT] - Added "Bulk Editor" to "Asset" dropdown menu
  • [BUG] - Fixed 'Reminders' bug so users are forced to "Mark as Read" when logging in
  • [INVESTIGATION - ONGOING] - Image Upload Metadata Preservation 
  • [INVESTIGATION - ONGOING] - Report Exporting to PDF / Excel