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4.0.0 Release Updates

August 3rd, 2023

1. Added Audio Recordings as a Checklist Item 

  • Added the ability to a require your team to add audio recordings to their checklists 
    • e.g. Record a drive thru greeting and upload it to your checklist

2.  Department Notes by Category/ Subcategory 

  • Added a field for notes by department about a specific category/subcategory.
    • e.g. - If wanting to add lists of IP addresses for specific store's POS,
    • e.g. - If Maintenance wants to add plumbing notes (vendors, where the shut off is, etc) specific to the store.

Other Enhancements

  • [IMPROVEMENT] - Added ability for technicians to add their hours to checklists to reflect on their timesheets
    [IMPROVEMENT] - Added a restriction so that specific users can only see specific checklists they should have access to
  • [IMPROVEMENT] - Added Checklist Details Report to retrieve the checklists based on the departments availability
  • [IMPROVEMENT] - Preparing for Mobile App Notifications - User Preferences Configuration in Web for People, Company and Roles and Security Modules  

App Bug Fixes

  • [BUG] - Fixed checklist line item bug so when category/subcategory is set, it saves properly.
  • [BUG] - Fixed Checklist setup bug so that checklist can be applied to a Category.

Gap Fixes

  • [GAP] - Added restrictions so that specific users can see specific checklists based on permissions