Getting Started

Follow these simple steps to get you up and running in less than 10 minutes.

#1 - Set Up Account
(1 min)

Create your Owl Ops account.

Create Your Account




#2 - Set Up Your Restaurants
(2 min)

Add your restaurants, warehouse & office.

  1. Click Add new record
  2. Add your restaurants/office
  3. Click Save changes

Add Your Restaurants


#3 - Set Up Your Team
(5 min)

Add your operations and maintenance team including ownership & management team, maintenance, & restaurant managers.

  1. Click Add new record
  2. Add each user
  3. Click Save changes
  4. (optional) Click Edit beside a user to modify their permissions

Add Your Team


#4 - Set Up Defaults
(2 min)

For each restaurant, set the default person who should be initially assigned to each task and click Save changes.

Typical settings:

  • Fix – Maintenance Team
  • Need – Office Manager / District Manager / Area Manager
  • All Others – Restaurant Manager

Set Up Task Defaults