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Team Task Management

Organize all the "little things" so nothing is forgotten and team members know who is going to do it. Simply, Get More Done.

Maintenance Management

Streamline the communication and accountability related to Equipment, Facilities, or POS/IT Systems not working. Reduce lost sales and disgruntled customers and finally know when to repair vs replace.

Essential Supplies

Make it easy for your restaurant managers to get the things they need (smallwares, uniforms, deposit slips) to operate their restaurants. Eliminate wasted time following up.

Reporting & Standardization

Find the great practices in each restaurant, replicate it across your enterprise, and spend your valuable time where it's needed.


Team Task Management

While OwlOps' ability to assign and track tasks, set priorities, take notes, send reminders, and more, you'll be able to eliminate the finger-pointing, know who's responsible for what, and make sure it's getting done.

Boost your communication, accountability, and team collaboration with:

  • Real-time Email and Text
  • Task Assignment
  • Image Capture (with drawings)
  • Document Uploads
  • Vendor Integration
  • Indelible Records
  • Reminder and Summary Emails
  • TaskBoard™ Management


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Maintenance Management

Quickly report facility, equipment, or IT issues accurately and ensure the right person has the right tools to get the right thing gets fixed. Plus, our Lemon List™ identifies which equipment is frequently causing problems so you can more easily answer the "Repair vs Replace" question.

Improve your maintenance management with:

  • Preventative Maintenance Scheduling
  • Preventative Maintenance Templates
  • Operations Manuals / Parts Lists
  • Equipment QR Coding
  • Asset Management - Warranty / History / Costs
  • Repair Cost / Time Reports
  • Lemon List™ Reports

Essential Supplies

Keep essential supplies stocked, tracked, and organized. No more wasted time chasing uniforms, deposit slips, light bulbs, or anything else.

Reduce supply-based headaches with:

  • Streamlined Communication - Email / Text / Voicemail
  • Parts and Inventory Management
  • Easy Resupply and Task Setting
  • Status and Priority Tagging
  • Vendor Integration
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Easy to Set Up. Easy to Use.

"In just one evening we had all 9 restaurants set up and my team using OwlOps. Before, tracking repairs was a major pain, OwlOps reduced the need for emails & phone calls making the whole process easier. We never really realized how often things were requiring maintenance and were able to reduce equipment downtime."

- Dave Willies, Franchisee/Owner, Tim Hortons

Reporting and Standardization

Managing multiple restaurants can be challenging. With OwlOps, you can streamline your efforts by identifying which practices work across all locations, replicating them, and tracking their progress with team-based dashboards and reports.

Simplify your multi-unit management with:

  • Unified Task and Maintenance Schedules
  • Checklists - Health and Safety / Inspection / Routine
  • Logbooks
  • Cross-team Messaging
  • Vendor, Schedule, and Checklist Dashboards
  • Access Powerful Reports

Experienced Restaurant Support

With 50+ years of experience in restaurant operations, point-of-sale, and technology, we get the restaurant business. Our goal with OwlOps is to give you the tools and support you need to succeed and Get More Done.

Get the support you need with:

  • YouTube and Webinar Training
  • Knowledge Base
  • Quick Email Support

Support Second to None!

"At the price point, our first impression was that OwlOps was too good to be true. OwlOps is fantastic, simple, and user friendly. Support is second to none. It helps us communicate with our (almost) 50 restaurants for maintenance and facilitating our ordering through our corporate office."

- Jay Whitbourne, Facilities Manager, DiBella's Subs

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