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OwlOps is a task and maintenance management app that helps you improve communication, enhance accountability, and eliminate the paper shuffle in your restaurant operation.

The name "OwlOps" is inspired by the "Owl of Athena," the Greek goddess of wisdom and war. According to Greek mythology, an owl sat on Athena's blind side so that she could see the whole truth. OwlOps sits on your blind side and gives you and your team a greater knowledge and vision of your operation.

About Our Team

In 2009, brothers Doug and Brad Rixmann had -that- phone call. Brad, having recently taken over the family's Tim Hortons franchise, was frustrated. He had a great team of managers and maintenance tech, but he and his team felt that they were dropping the ball on all the little things—spending too much time in emergency mode and not enough getting things done.

They looked for a solution to help keep track and manage it all, but nothing was suited for the industry or were really overpriced. So, Doug, with over 30 years of experience in the restaurant operations and point-of-sale development, created OwlOps—Brad was the first "customer."

After realizing how helpful it could be to other owners and operators, they brought OwlOps to market in 2014 and are now serving 4000+ restaurants. Doug and the team at OwlOps thrive on building strong relationships with their customers and making restaurant operation a more successful and rewarding experience.

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Doug Rixmann


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Hilary Scruton

Customer Success Manager

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