By Doug Rixmann • April 11, 2020

What's making all that noise?

What's making all that noise?

Enjoying a coffee and catching up on some emails yesterday, I could hear a noise and knew there was something wrong. Actually, anyone in that section of the restaurant could hear it. It seemed out of place… it wasn’t the ice machine or the bathroom hand dryer acting up, it was more of a whiney noise…

I listened more closely and was able to put my finger on it. To my right, two team members on their break were discussing (without filter) how they felt about the job:

  • “it’s a joke”
  • “no one cares”
  • “no one listens”

I started thinking, what do we do with equipment that’s making a weird noise?

  • Take it out of service.
  • Clean it. / Refill it. / Replace a part.
  • Put it back in service.

What do we (try to) do to make sure that doesn’t happen again and increase the life of the equipment?

  • Schedule a regular cleaning.
  • Implement a preventative maintenance plan.

Preventative Maintenance for Your Team

Our team members are the most important assets we have. They need breaks, time to rest, time to training, etc. Like equipment, by scheduling regular reviews (preventative maintenance), they will be less likely to break down or cause the noise when customers are present and negatively impact your business.

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