By Doug Rixmann • November 15, 2021

Ready for "Old Man Winter"?

Where did the year go?

Thank goodness we got through 2020.


2021 is almost gone. What?!?

Wow, I'm behind.

Snow started flying this weekend and I'm behind on getting ready for winter. Patio furniture is still on the deck, hose still sitting in the back yard, and winter tires (if you're in the south, look it up :) ) still need to be put on. 

Hopefully, you've planned ahead and your restaurants are ready for season. If not, I've dusted off our Winter Preparedness Plan and hope this is valuable to you and your team.


Winter Preparedness Plan

Here's a few quick preventative steps that can save you headaches in the winter months when the weather hits:

  • Check your roof and (re)seal around any openings.
  • Clear downspouts and gutters making sure they are clean and that all drainage is directed appropriately (not onto a walkway)
  • If you have a basement, check that the sump pump is working, do you have a backup plan?
  • Check the remainder of the property for fall hazards or other potential issues (unsafe tree branches, etc) and have them corrected.
  • Make sure you and your snow removal contractor are on the same page with response times, costs, insurance, etc.
  • Review the snow removal and ice prevention steps with your managers and staff. How often, who, how. Ensure appropriate logging is completed (log books, etc).
  • Make sure salt/sand, shovels, scrapers are ready and available.
  • Review your Weather Emergency/Power Outage Plan with your team. What happens with customers? What happens with cash? How do you get staff home safely? What is your food safety policy? Establish safe equipment shutdown procedures.
  • Check that flashlights, batteries, backup phones are available and ready.
  • Test that your generator and/or snow blower run and extra fuel is stored safely.

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