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5.0.0 Release Notes

Released August 29, 2023

1. Checklist Scoring



Other Enhancements

  • [IMPROVEMENT] - Added Checklist and Schedule Templates specific to QSR Brand
  • [IMPROVEMENT] - Added a 'History' Tab on tasks to be able to view previous tasks linked to the same Dept / Category & Subcategory
  • [IMPROVEMENT] - Added a field on task emails to display costs, travel time, and labour time
  • [IMPROVEMENT] - Admin tool to be able to set the default user by category & subcategory in bulk

App Bug Fixes

  • [BUG] - Fixed Task List bug (not showing tasks by category / subcategory)
  • [BUG] - Hotfix for checklist audio on emails

Gap Fixes

  • [GAP] - Improved formatting on task creation instructions
  • [GAP] - Cleaned up data log when removing a category or subcategory
  • [GAP] - Improved checklist audio to be able to show audio duration