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v3.5.0 Release Updates

February 16, 2023


  • [IMPROVEMENT] - Added additional filtering options to Reports section
  • [IMPROVEMENT] - Added new Task List filter to be able to search by High and Urgent tasks
  • [IMPROVEMENT] - Improved view of Asset Selection buttons to fit full asset information
  • [IMPROVEMENT] - Performance enhancement on 'Task Admin' functionality 
  • [IMPROVEMENT] - Added the ability for users with security permission "Admin" to remove attachments on tasks
  • [IMPROVEMENT] - Added various page headers for app consistency
  • [IMPROVEMENT] - Added internal notification so that when a new Department is added, notification is also sent to support@owlops.com 
  • [IMPROVEMENT] - Added ability for users to search for vendors in OwlOps using email addresses
  • [IMPROVEMENT] - Added additional Invoice frequency and grouping preferences 

App Bug Fixes

  • [BUG] - Fixed technician task link bug to direct to the proper screen
  • [BUG] - Fixed bug that was preventing Inventory quantity from showing on task fulfillment
  • [BUG] - Fixed app bug so that Quote costs are not being reflected on Task History Cost
  • [BUG] - Fixed Startup Wizard bug that was adding new user information to Department field. 
  • [BUG] - Fixed Dashboard Sorting Bug that sorting departments and categories in wrong order. 
  • [BUG] - Fixed app crash bug in relation to Inventory items saving
  • [BUG] - Fixed checklist checkbox bug (auto-disable)

Gap Fixes

  • [GAP] - Fixed Task List filters so they all refresh upon selection
  • [GAP] - Fixed Invoice Email so that Inventory displays values in currency
  • [GAP] - Fixed formatting issues on mobile Startup Wizard view
  • [GAP] - Added ability to enable or disable vendor users to receive new task notifications.  
  • [GAP] - Increased task description character length to 1000