Training Email Template

You may want to use this as template to introduce OwlOps to your team.

Before you ask your team to start using OwlOps you may want to preempt with an introductory email with some general information of what they can expect:

Introducing OwlOps to your Team:

Hi Team:
We want to introduce a new tool (OwlOps) that we are going to start using to manage our maintenance tickets. OwlOps will be a centralized place to report and communicate maintenance requests when any issues arise.
Right now, we currently use blank (insert whatever you currently use - email? phone?) to report our maintenance requests, now we are going to use OwlOps as a communication tool to log anything that needs fixing.

What to Expect:

In the next day or two (or specific date) you will receive a Welcome Email from the OwlOps app ( Please follow the instructions in the email (setting your password, etc) and review the appropriate information below.

Questions / Comments

Please reach out to with any questions. 

Note: Make any relevant changes to suit the specifics of your company.