Processing 3rd-Party Email Notifications

If you have a 3rd-Party system that can send email alerts, OwlOps can automatically process those emails into tasks.

Some systems/equipment can send email notifications related to the status of the system/equipment like the examples below.

  • Equipment offline (or online)
  • Preventative Maintenance Due

OwlOps has the ability to process those emails into tasks and even automatically close existing tasks.

To start processing these emails, please follow the following process:

  1. Have your system send exception emails to:
  2. Have your system send a sample email.
  3. Send an email to our support team ( indicating the following:
    1. Details about the system you are integrating
    2. How you would want the email processed including:
      1. Category/Subcategory that should be assigned
      2. Who should be assigned (default user based on configuration OR a specific user

Once the test email is received, the OwlOps team will work with you to ensure the integration is working appropriately.