Onboarding Steps

What to expect after demo is complete and interested in starting a trial

1: Company Info

Send Hilary (hilary@owlops.com) company information:

  • Restaurant list with preference on how you'd like your locations named in OwlOps
  • Restaurant addresses
  • Names and contact information (email and phone numbers) for team members and the locations they will need access to
    • Managers
    • DMs
    • Technicians
    • Administrators
  • List of Regions / Subregions (if applicable)
  • Breakdown of workflow assignment
    • e.g.  when a manager creates  a task for Equipment, should  this go to the DM first? to a specific technician? 

2:  Schedule Onboarding Meeting with Hilary

  • Hilary will set up the foundation of the account and then the appropriate contact can schedule a 30-45  minute meeting with Hilary to review and fine-tune the setup using this meeting link: Implementation Meeting

3: Choose when you want to "go live"

  • Select a date when the "Welcome Emails" go to your team (right away or schedule a date)
  • This might include starting with a select group of users or going live with the whole team

4.  Ongoing Support

  • Expect weekly check-ins from OwlOps support
  • Discuss a plan for features and a achievable timeline for implementing other features (schedules, checklists, inventory, technician timesheets, etc),