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Invoice / Timesheet Setup

Keep track of your technicians inventory/costs/hours and invoice your restaurants accordingly.

To set up invoicing and timesheets for technicians for your company, follow these steps: 


  1. Go to Setup/ Company.

  2. Follow the steps in the image below:

    A. Select the Invoicing dropdown.
    B. Enable invoicing box.
    C. Select the frequency on when you want invoices to be generated (Recommend: After Task is Closed, Scheduled Daily, or Scheduled Weekly).
    D. Enter the default hourly rate of the technicians (eg. $65/hour. These values can be overridden when setting up invoicing for individual people in subsequent steps). 
  1. Setup your Technicians


    1. Go to Setup/ People.


    2.  Search for the technicians you want to have invoicing enabled for. Select Details.

    3. Follow the instructions below to enable timesheets and invoicing. 

    A. Select the Timesheets/Invoicing dropdown.
    B. Timesheets: If you want your technicians clock in/out at the beginning and end of each day, you can enable this feature. This allows the ability to monitor the time it takes each technician to complete a certain task and that the invoice aligns with task start and completing time. ***Enabling timesheets is not required for invoicing purposes.***
    C. Billable Hours: Enabling this feature will generate invoices when tasks are completed and closed by the technician. 
    D. Invoice Rate: If the hourly rate for the specific technician is different from the Default Rate in the Company setup, enter the hourly rate for that technician here. 
    E. Update settings.

** NOTE: We recommend using a generic "handyman" rate to prevent disclosing technicians individual hourly rate.