Creating a Task

Create your first task as easy as text or email (don't forget to add a picture).


Step 1

Select your Department/Restaurant/Store

Step 2 (optional)

Search for your equipment or asset that your are creating that task about.

Step 3

Select the type of task you are creating. If you need something Fixed, press "fix"; if you "Need" something, press "need"; etc. If your homescreen buttons include specific equipment types, select the piece of equipment from the dropdown.  At this point, you'll be directed to the Task Creation page.

creating a task


Step 4
Enter a brief description of the task.

Step 5

Verify / change the person assigned. The default should generally be the right person.

Step 6 (optional)

Add picture(s) or documents.

Step 7

Press Save to complete the task.

creating a task - 2 (1)