Completing a Checklist

Complete a checklist and create follow-up tasks to notify your team when something needs to be done.

Step 1: 

From the homescreen, click Checklist dropdown and select the checklist that needs to be completed.  

Step 2:

As you complete the checklist, if a line item is not up to standard or incomplete you have the option of creating a follow-up task. 

Step 3:

You will then be prompted to create and assign a follow up task that will act the same way that all other task creations work in OwlOps. Save.

Step 4: 

When a follow-up task is created, a warning prompt will appear that indicates a task  has been created for this line item. This prompt will appear on all future checklists until the task is closed. 

Step 5:

Once finished, select Complete Checklist at the bottom.