Set up in just one evening
I am an owner with a group of 9 Tim Hortons stores and in just one evening, had all 9 restaurants set up and my team using Owl Ops. Before, tracking repairs was a major pain, Owl Ops reduced the need for emails & phone calls making the whole process easier. We never really realized how often things were requiring maintenance and reduce equipment downtime.
Dave W.
Owner / General Manager, Multi-Unit Tim Hortons

Support second to none
At the price point, our first impression was that Owl Ops was too good to be true. Owl Ops is fantastic, simple, and user friendly. Support is second to none. It helps us communicate with our (almost) 50 restaurants for maintenance and facilitating our ordering through our corporate office.
Jay W.
Facilities Manager, Dibella’s Subs

Solved Accountability & Equipment Tracking issues
With two Tim Hortons restaurants and growing to 4 soon, we were starting to forget things; that’s when I knew it was time for a product like Owl Ops. I also wanted the history on every piece of equipment rather than trying to sort through emails and find this five years later. This history helps us decide on repair or replace, and having all information at our fingertips makes it easy to ask manufactures to replace equipment that has broken more often than it should. Owl Ops also makes people more accountable. Once a task is assigned we can track our own list as well as what we assigned to others; no more tasks slipping through the tracks.
Ken J.
Owner, Multi-Unit Tim Hortons

Keeps everyone informed
Owl Ops does a great job of keeping everyone informed on equipment repair status as well as other tasks and scheduled maintenance reminders. It is very useful for tracking invoices and work performed on specific pieces of equipment. It’s a great tool for multi-unit businesses.
Lou G.
Owner, Multi-Unit Tim Hortons

Reduced text & email 65-70%!
Before Owl Ops, phone, email, & text messages to communicate issues were eating up too much of managers time. Owl Ops reduced that by 65 to 70%. No more follow up emails or phone calls. Now we have 95% of our vendors communicating with us through the app, because all they need to do is reply to an email sent from the app.

Having warranty and asset details readily available saves us time. Instead of having our restaurant team chasing this information down, they can focus on operating their business. Knowing the exact equipment and details of the issue helps our service vendors source the correct parts and can often fix on their first trip.

The best thing about Owl Ops is the easy, real-time communication. Everyone on the team can know about the issue and be involved in the resolution. It eliminates the initial phone call but, more importantly, the four follow up calls.

We selected Owl Ops because of its simplicity from an end user standpoint. No extra and unnecessary data to enter. Take a picture, enter a description, and you’re done. Support was great!

With 25 locations and growing, Owl Ops helps makes this growth possible.
Nick W.
Director of Construction and Facilities, Roti Modern Mediterranean

A great tool to help operations
It’s great to see how Owl Ops has evolved and to finally see that there is a tool to help the operations side of the business.
Sonny S.
Director of Operations, Multi-Unit Burger King

10 out of 10!
10 out of 10! This is an innovative, cost effective tool. It fits my needs as a Maintenance Director perfectly. The product has great flexibility and is very configurable to suit our operation.
Kirk F.
Director, Plant Services

Helps hold people accountable
Owl Ops is easy to use for your management teams and it helps hold people accountable to complete the needed tasks or to do lists. It has been very helpful to my team to stay on top of maintenance and to do list issues.
David B.
Owner, Multi-Unit Tim Hortons

It can do that too?
We love Owl Ops!

Being organized with our to-do lists allowed us to hire our first maintenance person. With everything from all stores in one place, we can prioritize across the whole organization; no one gets neglected. You don’t have to be tech savvy to be able to see or create a new request and you now have confidence it’s going to get done.

Things like having all equipment manuals at our fingertips or QR code stickers allowing us to track a individual pieces of equipment that have been swapped round to different locations and still see all the warranty & history for that individual piece of equipment.

We’ve been looking for a solution like this for years but nothing seemed to fit, now we keep finding ourselves saying “Oh my gosh it can do that too?”, it has saved us a ton of money and we’re a HUGE fan of Owl Ops.
Jessica P.
Operations Manager, Multi-Unit Tim Hortons

Team communications has improved 10-fold
We have over 25 multi-brand restaurant locations and Owl Ops has been a life saver. Auditing & tracking on a specific piece of equipment that had been moved to another location used to be impossible, now we know the history on everything and know what needs to be written off – reducing time with
auditors and managers.

Communicating with our service personnel and vendors is easier, due to
having a complete asset management tool like Owl Ops. It also allows us to make informed business decisions on whether to “replace” or “Repair”. Thousands of dollars have been saved due to knowing the warranty info at
our finger tips.

Team communications has improved ten-fold! Previously, a manager would communicate directly with the vendor and no one else knew what the status of the repair was. Now, any manager can see the status of a task without having to ask.

Implementing a system like this might seem daunting but the support team at Owl Ops was there to take on any task and made the implementation very
seamless and manageable.

We’re a big promoter of Owl Ops and it just keeps getting better.
Debra H.
Operations Area Manager, University of Waterloo – Food Services