Checklist & Logbooks

Easy to set up and use, Owl Ops reduces paper, never deletes (or loses) your records, and makes sure follow-up tasks get done.

Make your entries count

Too often, team members simply complete a checklist or logbook entry to “get it done” without making sure any issues are followed up on. That’s where Owl Ops Team Task Management comes in, making sure that any discrepancies are taken care of and completed.

Easy to Implement
Searchable History
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All-In-One Operations and Maintenance App for only $20 / Location / Month

Easy to Implement & Use

Minutes to setup; seconds to use

With just minutes you can be up and running with your company’s health & safety or manager walk-through checklist. Say good-bye to those tattered and “lost” paper copies.

Follow-Up Tasks

Taking action is easier

Make sure action (and accountability) is taken on discrepancies and follow-up tasks. Checklists and Logbooks integrate perfectly with Owl Ops Team Task Management.

Reporting & Archiving

No more paper / lost logs

Paper checklists & logbooks have a way of going missing and rarely get read. Owl Ops makes sure you have access to the information wherever and whenever is convenient to you and your team.

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