Changes and Fixes

UPDATE - Apr 17, 2017 - Updates and fixes

* NEW – Added ability to merge assets. This moves all tasks to the new asset and deletes the old asset. Admin access to this feature from the Asset screen, Edit, and then Merge.
* NEW – Added ability to create Multi-Department Checklist. Access this from the main screen, select Multi-Department, select the appropriate checklist from the dropdown list.
* BUG – Fixed iPhone / iPad issue browsing from Task List and using BACK button. This is now fixed.

UPDATE - Apr 4, 2017 - Updates and fixes

* NEW – Menu restructured for easier access to help resources and future enhancements.
* CHANGE – Department list is now sortable
* BUG – Asset screen not properly showing documents when attached. This is now fixed.
* BUG – Asset List and Task List not saving search criteria when returning to screen. This is now fixed.
* NEW – Home Screen Search Asset now shows assets from all departments with selected department first.
* BUG – Task List screen when you select a department, anything from “My Task List” or Master Tasks will not appear.

BUG FIX - Feb 1, 2017 - "Unchecked" checklist item showing as green on Checklist dashboard

Issues resolved. Now displays RED.

BUG FIX - Jan 22, 2017 - Duplicate tasks being created.

Duplicate tasks were being created due to double/triple click of Submit button when creating tasks. Happening to approximately 1% of all tasks. Added a new type of button to prevent issue.

BETA - Jan 1, 2017 - Task Scheduler

Added calendar task scheduler as a beta feature. Awaiting feedback from Beta Group.

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